I will take a white chocolate mocha EXTRA hot with an extra shot please. Because lets be honest when you have 4 kids your coffee can never be hot or strong enough! 
Thanks for visiting my page, I am so glad you are here. A little about me-
I am originally from England. I moved here in 2010 on a soccer (football it is called FOOT B A L L) scholarship and met my American husband, we fell in love, got married, had 4 kids, fast forward a few years and here we are. 

Yay, you are here!
Hi, I'm Christie, the caffeine addicted educator and photographer behind Dawn to Dusk Photography.

I couldn't take enough pictures of them! I loved seeing them through my lens, it became a daily habit. 

My babies are my why.

By the time I was pregnant with my third I knew I had to step up my photo game! My little iPhone 7 wasn't doing it for me anymore. So I told my husband I wanted a camera. GUYS, he straight up laughed at me.. (I am not a creative person in any way shape or form- so I guess it caught him off guard!) Anyways the camera budget was SLIM. I think I upgraded cameras 3 x in 3 months. I fell in love with photography and my kiddos were not the only thing I was capturing. It started with family, then friends, then total strangers (AHHHH.) Then I started getting paid for this "hobby" and decided to TAKE THE LEAP. I am now a full time storytelling family photographer and couldn't imagine doing anything else. 

Photo by: White Pine Pics